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We wrote a book! Well, by “we,” I
mean LaNesha Tabb and Naomi O’Brien. It’s
called Unpack
Your Impact
and we are thrilled that it is out in the world. We
wanted to create a free study guide for people that are looking to
work through this book with some support. Let’s take a look at how we
decided to create a book club kit for a school that is studying this

So, in our book club kits, we included the book (of course),
the study guide, and a bookmark! The study guide and bookmarks can be
downloaded at the end of this post! We wanted to bring a smile to the
educators’ faces that would be studying this book- so we made the kits
special by adding a cute
little globe (because we wanted to expose students to a WORLD of
and we filled them with a few
chocolate globes
! We also included a pack
of crayons
(an awesome administrator provided those for the staff
which was really nice!) We would definitely recommend supporting Bellen’s More Than Peach
for crayons if you wanted to add that touch!

Since the book study will
be done virtually, we created the kits and asked the educators to come
and pick up a kit after school. The school is going to be creating a
reading schedule that works for them- but the guide is ready to
support them with question prompts and debates! Check them out

We are so grateful for all Click the image above or here to download!
of our readers and we hope you find this study guide helpful!

Naomi + LaNesha

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