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By Naomi O'Brien

This debut picture book from educator and parent, Naomi O’Brien, is a powerful story about the power of loving the skin you’re in.

Micah loves to ask questions, and one day he asks his mother a serious question about skin color. Micah gets an important reminder from his mom that no matter what the world or people might say, his skin is amazing and trailblazing.  

This book is for all families and children!

Listen to Naomi read a portion of Micah's Big Question:

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About the Author

Naomi O'Brien

I truly believe that picture books can change the world. Picture books have the ability to capture big ideas and important issues and deliver them to children in a way that feels safe and makes sense. Whenever I want to teach my sons or students a valuable lesson, I turn to a picture book! 

I remember having to have uncomfortable, but empowering, conversations about race and racism with my family when I was younger. I had to learn how to spot it and what to do in the moment. I also had to learn that nothing was wrong with my skin. I didn’t need to change- other people’s thinking did. 

As an educator, I felt honored to have similar conversations with my students. We discussed what racism is and what to do if they experienced it personally or saw it happen. As a parent, I’ve had to have conversations, just like the one found in my book, with my own son. I’ve felt pride in reminding him of the beauty of his amazing and trailblazing skin.

About the Illustrator

Yayira Dzamesi

I am an African American engineer-illustrator who loves all things coffee. I currently lives in North Carolina working for IBM as a Technical Support Engineer. In my free time, I illustrate for clients as well as for my own creative projects. 

You can find more about me and what I’m working on my website:


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