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Fluency Word Grids (Sorted by Phonics)

Fluency grids can give students the word and grapheme (letters) exposure they need to orthographically map the words and permanently store them in their brains. Some students need 1-4 exposures, but some students need hundreds. Practice the list you need daily.

PDF, Printables

82 Pages

Grade Level: K, 1, 2


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Fluency is important because it bridges the gap between decoding skills and comprehension skills. Fluent readers don’t lose meaning because they are caught up trying to figure out what the words say, they can focus on what the words mean.

Two versions of each list exist. One covers the phonics skill(s) and has an area at the bottom to track the number of words read in 1 minute. The second list does not have a daily word tracker at the bottom and can just be used to practice reading the words and practice recognizing the phonics element when they see it in a word.


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