The Laughter Club


Book clubs are a something my students absolutely love! It’s so fun to see them get together to discuss literature and nonfiction text in this setting. The students always read their book club promise to each other and know that they need to be responsible and helpful to the other book club members. This particular day the students read The Laughter Club and used Post-It notes to jot down their thoughts, questions, and anything that confused them. Sometimes the students just fill out an interactive book journal to help them organize their thinking. I just created a little fold-able booklet that allows them to write down questions, their favorite part, confusing parts, interesting parts, and tricky vocabulary words. After that, they held a discussion about the book. They used some discussion cards I created in order to keep the discussion going. Our book clubs meet once a week. They help promote independence and a deeper comprehension of the text in a fun way! Keep rocking!

Mrs. O’Brien

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