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Sound Wall: Upper Elementary

A sound wall helps teachers stay accountable for what they are teaching, and offers some mental organization for the scope and sequence they are following. Untaught sounds can stay “locked” until they are explicitly taught, at which point, they are ceremoniously uncovered.

Can be printed in color or a black border option is included!

PDF, Printables

99 Pages

Grade Level: 3, 4, 5


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Using a sound wall effectively begins with finding out where your kids are and what they need. When you are introducing sounds, you should be starting with the easiest ones and then progress to more complex spelling patterns.

When you introduce the cards teach them the sound spelling at the letter spelling that makes that sound.

Reference the cards often. When a student is decoding or spelling and a card on the wall can help them, point it out.

When you are spelling and modeling how to sound out a word, find the sound on the sound wall to help you spell correctly.


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