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Sound Wall Sound Spelling Cards and Pictures

Create a sound wall in your classroom to help improve your students decoding and spelling skills by teaching about letters and letter combinations and the many sounds they can make!

PDF, Printables

99 Pages

Grade Level: PK, K, 1


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Do you need an eye-catching and researched based way to help your students learn and remember sounds and the letter or letter combinations that make them.

This sound wall can be used to debut new sound spellings and as a helpful reference for students to learn from all year long.

A colorful set of locks are included in your printables. You have the option of setting up your sound wall and covering all the sounds that haven’t been learned yet with locks.  When you learn a new sound and its letter spelling, “unlock it” and debut the correct sound spelling card to your students to your students! Or you can add sounds as you learn them. I do not recommend showing all the sounds before you have learned them.

When you introduce the cards teach them the sound spelling at the letter spelling that makes that sound.

Reference the cards often. When a student is decoding or spelling and a card on the wall can help them, point it out.

When you are spelling and modeling how to sound out a word, find the sound on the sound wall to help you spell correctly.


Some sound pronunciations can be tricky! Some illustrated mouth motion cards have been included that can be printed and placed on a popsicle stick to show how students’ mouths should look. You can also add them to your sound wall if needed.


Sounds and Labels Included:

Short Vowels

a e i o u

Long Vowels

a e i o u


sh ch th th ck wh ph

Long A

a_e eigh ai ey ea ay

Long E

ee ie ea

Long I

i_e ie igh

Long O

o_e oa ow

Long U

u_e ue ui


au aw oi oy oo ew oo ow ou

Silent Letters

gn kn mb wr

R Controlled Vowels

ar er ir or ur

Glued Sounds

ank ink onk un ang ing ong ung

Soft C & G

ce ci cy ge gi gy

Y as a Vowel

Y(e) Y(i)

Different ED Sounds

d t id

Double Consonants

ff ll ss zz

Other Sounds

ire ore dge all tion tch ind ild ost old


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