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Phoneme Manipulation for Older Kids

50 slides to practice phonological awareness for older students!


“Of all the phonological skills, the ability to identify, manipulate and remember strings of speech sounds accounts for a significant portion of the difference between good readers and poor readers.”

Louisa Moats, 2010


59 Pages

Grade Level: 2, 3


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Hey Educators and Caregivers!

“Phonological awareness difficulties represent the most common source of word-level reading difficulties.” (Hulme, Bowyer-Crane, Carroll, Duff, & Snowling, 2012; Melby-Lervag, Hulme, & Halaas Lyster, 2012; Vellutino et al., 2004).

The most effective instructions across grade levels and learners is phoneme manipulation. This is supported by research from The National Reading Panel. Some people think that these types of activities are only beneficial for emergent readers in K and 1, but all students need systematic phonemic awareness instruction. It is needed and relied on by great readers past grade 1. “Phonological awareness continues to develop in typical readers beyond first grade.” (Kilpatrick, 2012a; Lipka et al. 2006, Wagner, Rogesen, Rashotte, & Pearson, 2013)

“Focusing early phonemic awareness instruction on blending, segmenting, and manipulating phonemes has been shown to produce greater improvements in phonemic awareness and future reading achievement in young children than time spent on rhyming and alliteration.”  (Reutzel, 2015)


Download includes:

-50 slides with activities to lead phoneme manipulation activities.

-Sample Plan for when to teach each slide.



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