Partner Reading Passages & Comprehension Questions (15)


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Grade Level: 1, 2



How I use this in my classroom:


I use this partner reading pack to help my students work on their reading fluency and comprehension skills at the carpet!


Before allowing my students to work together, I remind them of the reading strategies that they can use while they are reading. Make sure to go over each strategy in the PowerPoint so they know how to utilize them!


We do the first one together and I model what I’m looking and listening for as I glance around the room.


We also point out the punctuation and talk about how to take turns with their partners.

Remind partners that they should take turns reading both parts of the play so they can have a lot of practice and learn what the story was about.


When everyone is finished reading, we change to the comprehension question slide. I give each group time to discuss the questions after I’ve read them. Sometimes they write their own answers down in their notebooks. Each story has 5 comprehension questions to answer!


I call on pairs to share their answers, or allow pairs to share with other pairs!

Last but not least, I call on a few groups to model reading fluently for the class.

We have a blast! They love it and so do I!


Reading levels are great for 2nd half of first grade, or the beginning of 2nd grade!


Have fun reading! – Naomi



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