Phonemic Awareness + Phonics

See if your students are building letter-sound connections with these phonemic awareness and phonics practice sheets.

Students will have the opportunity to practice isolating sounds, blending, segmenting, adding sounds, and changing the sounds in words.

Phonemic awareness is a branch of phonological awareness that is needed to build strong readers!


53 Pages

Grade Level: K, 1


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Building Phonological Awareness Activities: 2nd Edition

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Phonemic Awareness Cards + Game Boards (270 cards!)

270 Phonemic Awareness Game Cards

8 Game Boards

Game Cards Include:

30 Beginning Sounds

30  Middle Sounds

30  Ending Sounds

30  Rhymes

30  Syllables

30  Blends

30  Segmenting

30  Onset & Rime

30 Manipulation


Hello Educators,

Teaching phonemic awareness will help your students identify and manipulate the sounds in words. It’s important to make sure students are connecting the letter-sound relationships they are learning through phonics and phonemic awareness lessons.

After teaching our phonemic awareness focus for the week, I love giving my students the opportunity to apply the skills they have been learning.

These resources will give you students the chance to put their phonemic awareness skills to good use!



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