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Culturally Responsive Teaching

Hey teachers,
Many of these sheets can be worked on in class, but the majority of them were created and intended for you to send home for parents to fill out with or about their students. Parents will appreciate being included in these conversations and will take joy in discovering their student has a teacher that cares about what happens beyond the walls of their classroom. You can choose to staple them together in a packet or you can send one home every other day or so. Another idea of how to use these sheets is to have a few out during a Back to School or Meet the Teacher night. Parents can fill them out in the classroom with their students. Consider adding décor or changing your layout after you learn more about your students and their families. It will make them feel more connected to their classroom.
Have fun teaching,

-An understanding of what Culturally Responsive Teaching is and isn’t
-Why you should shift your mindset
-Learning styles to consider and to ask for parent input
-Questions to build a culturally responsive classroom with student input
-All about my name
-My family on the map
-The flag that represents my family
-This is how we do it
-Different, not weird
-Getting to know your student
-Getting to know more about you (parents)
-Story reflection questions
-The best part about me is…
-The best way for me to learn
-The best way for me to learn interview
-Parent and caregiver connection


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