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Work Better Together

Getting to know someone’s work style and analyzing your own can help you improve your working relationship with someone.

We all have our own ideas of what a “good worker” looks like. When we don’t have the same work style as someone else, tensions may rise and disagreements may follow.

Gaining understanding and empathy of where someone else is coming from and how they work best can improve your working relationship and help you all work together better.


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Do you have a co-worker, teacher, student teacher, assistant, paraprofessional, or volunteer that you want to have a healthy work relationship with?

These activities can help you all get to know each other in a way that will improve your understanding of each other and your work styles.

-Culture and Identity Activity

-Figure Out Your Work Style

-Work Style Questionnaire

-Work Relationship Discussion Questions

-About Me Questions (For Gift Giving)


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