Phonological Awareness is a term that includes many concepts and skills that students need to master. It is one of the best indicators of a students’ reading ability and the future success they will experience in reading and writing.


There are over 70 slides included to help students learn and practice various phonological activities! You have access to the PPT, PDF, and individual slides saved as PNGS.


For the PPT enter presentation mode from the first slide. For the PDF, click on the prompts/buttons to navigate.



Initial Sounds

Middle Sounds

Ending Sounds


Onset and Rime




Phoneme Manipulation


In addition to the PowerPoint and PDF, to project in full color to your students, a teacher’s script has also been provided. There are four slides on each page to cut down on paper usage when printing.

I have given you ideas for what to say during the activity, misconceptions students may have, and the list of words/pictures just in case there is any confusion.


I hope your students have fun with this one!