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Not Quite Snow White: Representation and Race

This lesson was created to help you navigate a critical conversation about representation and race. When I say representation, I mean the over representation of white characters in books and media, and the lack of opportunity for others to see themselves doing everyday things or having their cultures celebrated.Some kids are getting to see themselves represented a lot! This is great…for them. It helps them to see themselves in a variety of roles, and if they can see it, they can achieve it.
On the flip side, many children are not seeing themselves represented and may believe the lie that certain roles are not for them. This unbalanced representation causes people to build biases. Kids that see themselves represented the most may come to the untrue conclusion that it is because people that look like them are better, and that’s why they are represented so much.

These lessons are set up in a way where students will learn new vocabulary words, make real world connections they can learn from, think deeply,, have discussions, and write/draw their thoughts.

The fiction book that will be read will serve as an experience for kids to draw from. They may have their own as well.

Teacher Tip: Be mindful of your facial expressions and tone when asking questions. Remain neutral.



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