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Identity Journal for Kindergarten (Printable and Digital Files)

Identity exploration with kids is one of my favorite things to do! It’s important not to rush these activities. Give your students time to explore themselves and really think about who they are and who they aren’t.

MODEL. MODEL. MODEL. What you expect them to do!

Take the time to think aloud and answer the questions yourself so students know what is expected. Use chart paper or an easel to display your own answers for each lesson and also so that students can see what they may have in common with your identity.

Encourage students to sound out what they can and draw pictures to express themselves.

Print and bind the pages as a book. Two different cover pages are included to use with students.

Remember not to rush! Allow them to take their time with each task.


What do I like?

What do I dislike?

My Hobbies

My Friends

My Family

My Strengths




A Google Slides file has been added for a digital journal!

Have fun teaching!




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