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Critical Thinking Puzzles 2nd Edition (60)

Critical thinking activities teach students HOW to think not WHAT to think!

60 slides to practice analyzing, deduction, logical reasoning, patterns, and analogies.


69 Pages

Grade Level: K, 1, 2


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Challenging kids to think critically will help them hone their critical reasoning skills. Imagine how your students’ deduction, analytical skills, and reasoning will increase after 60 days of critical thinking puzzles.

Divergent Thinking: Divergent thinking is open ended and requires students to think of multiple solutions for a problem or question. It promotes creative and critical thinking to explore many possibilities.

Logical Thinking: Students will think about the similarities and differences in the attributes of items to determine how to group them using visual organizers.

Analogies: Students will make parallel comparisons in order to find the relationship between to pairs of items. They help look for what two unlikely things might have in common.

Analyze: Students will analyze information in order to evaluate it and form their thoughts.

Relationships: Students will analyze two seemingly unrelated items and synthesize information to create a way to find a connection between them.

Have fun thinking critically!


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