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Classroom Job Labels and Descriptions

Build a class that works together to help the classroom learning environment be the best that it can be!

Labels and job descriptions to share with your students are included.

Just project and talk to your students about all of the fun jobs they will have throughout the year!

Read all about how I set my jobs up here.

PDF, EBook, Printables

30 Pages

Grade Level: K, 1, 2


Description & Reviews


One thing I pride myself is having a safe and kind classroom environment. Visitors to my classroom always noticed and complimented me on how my the culture of my classroom. It was always evident there was great classroom management going on.

One of the many things I personally think contributes to my wonderful classroom environment is the way I run my classroom jobs.

I have a job for single student in my class. Some years that meant 18 jobs and other years that meant 28 job!

I’m sure it seems like a lot, but stay with me, okay?

There’s no way that I could memorize all of my students jobs, so I use library pocket cards to make a job board. On the years that I didn’t have wall/board space, I used a foam poster board that I leaned up against a window on a counter. I write their names on index cards and place them in the library pocket cards. I use index cards because they are easy to switch out. Every Monday, everyone gets a new job.

Read all about how I set my jobs up here.


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