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Phonics flashcards that teach the parts of words (graphemes) that all readers need to know.

There are 44 sounds in the English language. Letters can be combined in a variety of ways to make those sounds. Readers must know these letter combinations to become strong readers.

These flashcards mirror almost all of the anchor pictures used on the Read Like a Rockstar Sound Wall and they correspond with the pictures used in the lessons that are a part of the Systematic Phonics and Phonological Awareness Reading Membership.

About the Creator

Teaching kids how to read doesn’t have to be hard and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring!

These cards have engaging pictures, are sturdy, and have key words on the back to model how these sounds show up words.

Set 1, 2, and 3 build in complexity which is what our readers need accodring to the science of reading research.

Have fun teaching!

Naomi O'Brien


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