Writing Sentences Made Easy!



I’ve been teaching my son how to use a Bubble Map to make sentences. We put the topic that we are writing about in the middle and make three branches. Then we put can, have, and are in each bubble. 

We watched a YouTube video about lions and I told my son to pay attention so he could have AMAZING details to add to his writing about lions. We talked about how writers share their work with others so they have to make sure they are sharing interesting and true facts that can teach someone. (That someone is always my husband when he gets home after work! It’s good to make sure your little writers get to share their work in some way.)

I read the sentences and he filled in the blank. 
For example, while pointing to the bubbles, I said, “Lions can  ________. What can lions do?” He thought for a minute and then said, “Roar!” We continued this same format to come up with words for the other have and are bubbles.

I labeled the bubbles 1-3 (though the order doesn’t matter) and told him we were going to write three sentences using our bubble map to help us. We talked about how writers plan their writing and how it’s a part of the writing process.

As he wrote, I reminded him about starting in the top left corner, capital letters, finger spaces, and punctuation. When he was finished, he used the checklist to check over his work.

After he can do this independently, we will move on to writing a paragraph. It’s pretty easy after this is mastered!

This resource is available here! You can also do this on regular paper just make your own Bubble Map and choose a topic!

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