The Truth About Thanksgiving


If you are new here, hi. We are Naomi and LaNesha and we are
passionate about honest and inclusive history in the PRIMARY grades.
We even wrote a book about it.


Image from search engine “pilgrim
and “Indians” kindergarten.

Please, please, please do better. If you are a teacher, literally
research Thanksgiving. What we teach is inaccurate and embarrassing at
this point. If you are a parent and you see this kind of activity
coming home… call. Dojo. Seesaw message. Email and tell them
absolutely not. We can and must do better, yes, even in kindergarten
with these inaccurate historical narratives that end up becoming truth
for so many people. What can you do instead? You can teach the truth.
Let us help.

We read an eBook that explains some of the major topics that surround
this holiday. There’s the history to consider, the National Day of
Mourning, and the legacy of Sarah Josepha Hale. It’s a very complex
history that shouldn’t be reduced to “Squanto, was the “nice Indian”
(suggesting that no one else was?) and they helped the white settlers
grow food.” Again, research. You’ll find that that feast of 1621 isn’t
what you were likely taught.

We follow the eBook up with some response activities. There are
discussion prompt cards, draw and respond sheets and note catchers.

Click here to buy it!

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Thanksgiving”

  1. Just discovered your blog after seeing you talk about “justice” via Khan Academy.

    Thanks for your important and timely work!

  2. I did this with my 3rd grade students as well as my 3rd grader son and 1st grader. We enjoyed having the conversation about what and how the day should be celebrated. Many agreed that we should celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. I had one student who thought we should celebrate both and we had a great conversation as I asked probing questions about why?? My other students chimed in and we had a healthy discussion.

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