Sprucing Up For the Holidays!


My students were so excited to see our new Winter Literacy & Math Center!!! I was too. This center was just we needed to get excited about centers again even the holidays are calling our names. Today I tried letting each group picking what they wanted to work on. It worked out great! Students had fun and made great choices for themselves.
I included a bin of winter books to choose from, in case students wanted to read and fill out a winter book journal. I included dice for the students that chose to roll a story. The little red box is holding the bingo cards for the place value bingo game included in this center.
 I put the place value cards inside of a glittery red box.
 Students enjoyed having the choice to choose what they could work on during center time.
The roll a story activity was a popular activity today!
 I love seeing my rock stars hard at work! 
Place value bingo was a wonderful way to reinforce this concept to my kids. They really began to realize the significance of each place value spot!

What will you do to capture your students’ attention with the holidays just around the corner?
Mrs. O’Brien
Winter Literacy & Math Center

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