Building a Positive Classroom Environment: Behavior Management K-2


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I thought I’d share a few of the ideas I use to create a positive classroom culture. For years, my coworkers chalked my sweet and well behaved classes up to the “luck of the draw”, but then they had to admit, it must have been something I was doing.
We, the teachers, really are responsible for setting the tone in our classroom. Our children are always watching us and how we respond to situations teaches them a lot about how they should respond to us and each other.

For a more in depth look, check out my blog post:

Still have one or two kiddos that need individual behavior intervention?

Targeting and Changing Negative Classroom Behavior

Very easy to implement! You can control how much or how little you do each day, week, or month!

Great ideas, supports, printables, and activities for teachers that want to improve their classroom management skills!!

Ideas and Activities Include:
-Making Good Choices
-Kid of the Day, Week, or Month
-Compliment Bracelets, Plates, and Sheets
-Character Traits Posters (Kindness, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Respect, Self-Confidence, Honesty)
-Character Traits Badges (Kindness, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Respect, Self-Confidence, Honesty)
-Student Behavior Reflection Sheets
-Student Advice Cards
-“Caught Ya” Cards
-The Cool Down Spot Poster
-Role Model Badges
-“Guess What?” Notes
-Kindness Fairy Notes
-I’m Sorry Notes
-Feelings Report
-Act It Out (Problem/Solution)
-100 Squares

There are several components to this product that are up to you to use in a way that meet your needs best. I do recommend making time for some of the activities every day with fidelity. Other activities can be done once a month or every few weeks, in order to see the results that I have seen from utilizing these practices in my own classroom year after year.

Have fun teaching and learning!

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