Extending Sentences to Make Awesome Turkey Stories!


This week, in class, I put this picture up on our Smart Board and asked my students to make a story about the picture. I got responses like: 
“The turkey is running.”
“The turkey is scared.”
“The turkey is wearing a hat.”
“The turkey can run really fast.”

I yawned and told my class that while those sentences were good, they were kinda boring and lacked detail.
I introduced extending sentences and adding details through the use of asking yourself, “Who? What? Where? Why? How? When?”

We made a wonderful story about this turkey by asking and answering those questions.

Who: Roosevelt the Turkey.
What: He is running.
Why: Someone is trying to eat him.
How: With a knife and fork.
When: On a Saturday night.
Where: In a jungle.

We combined all of those details to make a great story. We created a few more stories. I called on different students for different details. Then it was their turn! I gave them their own sheets of paper and they had to make up their own details. After that, they had to flip the paper over to create a story of their own!
 I love how Jalen crossed off the details he’d already used to help himself stay organized.
Kiara was really excited when she finished. She was sure her story was going to make me laugh, and it did!
Liya worked hard to get her story finished.
Nehemiah brainstormed until he came up with the perfect story!
 Everyone worked really hard and their stories turned out fantastic! When students finished writing, they illustrated their stories.

All of the stories were amazing, and funny! Jalen was the only one that took a different approach. All my other students wrote about a turkey that was getting chased because someone wanted to eat them.
Take a look at Jalen’s paper:
“On New Years morning there was a turkey named Bart. He was trying to win some food. He had to race a wolf, a bear, and a turkey. He was trying to win the race. The race was at school. He said I am going to win some food. He won the race.”
By: Jalen 
Mrs. O’Brien

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