Can You Blow a Bubble?


Hello everyone! Today was a really fun day! I decided for our last expository piece of writing for the week, we would explain how to blow a bubble. One of my students, Alex, said, “I don’t know how to blow a bubble!” So I did what I thought was best… I brought gum to school! The kids were thrilled! We chewed and we chewed and we chewed. Then we blew and we blew and we blew.  

I did a pretty good job with my bubble. All of my students were VERY impressed.

Every good teacher knows, you can play hard, but you need to work harder. After the madness of chewing gum in class and attempting to form a bubble died down, we got down to business. The students used their background knowledge (acquired mere seconds before) to produce a rough draft of their expository writing piece. After we edited and revised our work, it was time to publish it, in our best handwriting, on a nice piece of paper.

When our writing was complete, we attached papers to colored sheets of paper and constructed pictures of ourselves blowing a bubble. Students took turns reading their work to the class and showing off their self portraits. Then we hung it up in the hall so that all of the other elementary students at our school will also know how to blow a bubble.
The great thing about my kids is that they are all very sweet and encouraging. Even my shyest students feel comfortable speaking in front of the class because of the safe community atmosphere we have constructed inside of our classroom.

 Ricco, Miranda, Jordan, Kiara, Christina, and Liya were incredible bubble makers! 


Mrs. O’Brien

*No gum was swallowed during the creation of these projects. Although some accidentally got spit out onto desks during the blowing process.

Download this super cute /ew/ poem about a boy who likes to chew bubble gum, written by Lorrie L. Birchall for free!


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  1. This is adorable! I love that you gave the kids the experience of bubble gum chewing to acquire the background knowledge for the writing piece. Love, love the "Hall of Fame" for the bubble blowers that his the "big times". The picture of you blowing the bubble gum is priceless! Have fun blogging.

  2. Hahah, thanks! It didn't occur to me that they wouldn't know how until one student mentioned he didn't know how to. It was a really fun experience. They cracked me up!

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