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An interactive reading Power Point Game
Much like any other club, our book clubs have membership cards. I allowed my students to work together and come up with group names. They decided on the Broncos (Go Denver!) and the Kids Book Club. They get their cards, review the meeting rules, and say the book club promise to each other. Then it’s time to get reading!


I love seeing how independent they are. They have come such a long way and really make an effort to focus, stay on task, and have amazing discussions about the books they read together. They help, teach, and learn from one another every day.

I preselect discussion cards that will allow my students to engage in a language-rich discussion about the book they have read. I change the cards depending on the genre of the book. They discuss the author’s purpose, the main idea, their favorite parts, their least favorite parts, how they would change the ending, what they learned, and so many other wonderful elements. Whoever has the microphone gets to speak while the others listen, and everyone is required to share their opinion. Sometimes they respond to the reading with writing. I created interactive reading journals that allow them to jot down any thoughts, questions, unknown words, and things they found interesting, so that they can discuss these matters with their group members. Other times they have an interactive book club meeting at the Smart Board and they discuss, write, and illustrate what they read about. Love, love, love, seeing their little minds hard at work! 
Mrs. O’Brien
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Discussion Sheets & Cards

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