Behavior Management


The summer is quickly coming to a close and school will be back in session soon. I do not know about you but I certainly feel it went by quickly, too quickly! The adjustment from long play days and sleeping in can be tough on everyone, especially the students. One of the most important systems to have in place, starting the first day of school is a Behavior Management System. Consistency is Key and if you have a plan in place from the start it will make the transition back to class easier.

I am excited to share a new resource with you I have started on YouTube. I am beginning a Quick Teacher Tips, Tricks and Ideas series where I share with you my idea’s and what helps me be the best teacher I can be. Hopefully these tips will sound like an idea you can implement into your classroom and help with those one or two students that are off task or struggling with their behavior. Ideally you will have your plan in place and these tips and tricks can be used as a reinforcement, if you need it. You can click here to watch this first video about my behavior management system and the materials I use as reinforcement.

If you would like your own copy of any of the materials I use in the video they can be found at my Teachers pay Teachers store, Read Like A Rock Star

If you have any helpful ideas, tips or questions please leave me a comment in the comment section of the YouTube video! I hope to have given you several good ideas and Good Luck on your first day back!

Enjoy my tips!

Mrs. O’Brien

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