Summer Reading Bingo Freebie!


As we all know, the loss over the summer for

 students that don’t continue to read can be 

devastating. Most students don’t want to spend

 their summer days reading, but maybe with a

 fun Summer Reading Bingo card, they’ll be 

motivated to read just a little bit! My school is 

offering small incentives for students that 

bring their summer reading journals back at the

 end of the summer. What do you do to try to

 stop the loss that happens over the summer?

Hopefully you and your students will find this 

useful. If you do, I’d love to hear about it!

Mrs. O’Brien

Spice Up Your SmartBoard and Computer Centers!




It’s so close to the end of our school. I can’t believe we made it through. I don’t know about you, but I like to still keep up my routines from throughout the school year, to ensure that our year ends as smooth as possible. I run my reading workshop and math centers until the last week of school.

I like to change up my SmartBoard and Computer center games from the usual Lakeshore games and various websites that we use all year long. I created fun games that cover a variety of skills we have worked on all year and my 2nd grade kiddos love them! (It doesn’t hurt that I used their names in the games either.)

Get this game now!

This Cause & Effect game is great for a group to play at the SmartBoard, or to load onto student computers and have them play it on their own. 
I like to give my students dry-erase boards and markers so they can keep track of the points they are earning. They love it!

 Clicking on the walrus reveals a helpful hint!

Checkout the other PowerPoint Games I have created. They are all available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click each picture to check the product out!

Mrs. O’Brien